Custom Framing 

Framing is an art form in and of itself. Framing will dramatically enhance a piece if done well, and will detract from a piece if done poorly. Good framing will always improve the presentation of the piece, and ideally will marry the piece to environment in which it is to be displayed.

Framed prints are provided with framing and matting chosen specifically for each image. The size, width, and number of mats used will vary according to the needs of the image, as will the weight, color, and style of the frame.

If you have special needs or specific placement ideas, I will happily collaborate with you to frame the piece in a manner suitable to your intended placement and use.

Specialized Framing

For clients who require an exceptional and unique presentation, I also offer custom hand-made framing options. Unique woods, superb craftsmanship, and spectacular detailing will set your image apart in a manner that no ordinary frame can hope to match. Prices for handmade frames will be higher than for ordinary framing, with substantially longer lead times for construction. Contact me directly to find out more.